Fire & Rescue

We provide heavy rescue services for the eastern side of Story county and the western side of Marshall county.  Colo Fire & Rescue have five fire fighting apparatuses, one EMS truck, and two special-purpose trailers.  All ready to handle any water emergency, medical emergency, rail incident, rope rescue, or grain bin rescue.  We are here for you!

Fire Safety Education

Give us a call to schedule a fire department visit to your school, daycare, or business for fire safety education!

Smoke Detector Installation / Safety Checks

We will install a smoke detector in your home, if needed and ensure that any existing detectors are working properly.


Pumper 104

This pumper was a 1999 E-1. The truck was bought and refurbished by R & M Fire Apparatus of Colo. This truck was rebuilt from the frame up with a new cab and custom body built by R & M.The original pump was a side mount which was moved back 14” and a mid-ship command center was built. The custom R & M body is built of aluminum. The cost of the truck was $150,000.00 saving the City about $70,000.00 over the cost of a comparable truck.

This truck’s primary duties are first out pumper on all fire calls in the Colo fire district and first out pumper on vehicle wrecks. It is also used as a backup pumper or can be used as a tender/tanker on mutal aid calls with its 10” rear quick dump. This truck was placed in service November of 2002.

Rescue 804

This truck was purchased by the city in 2004 for $24,000.00 and refurbished by R & M Fire Apparatus. R & M removed all the doors, stripping, and the old decals for a new paint job.  They changed it from a yellow color to Colo’s signature red and the custom stripping you see now. This truck is fully outfitted to be used as a transport ambulance with a cot, on board oxygen, suction, and more. Other features on this truck include spot chains, for winter driving, and air ride suspension.

This truck is first out on all medical calls and vehicle crashes. It can be a conditional B level ambulance when all other ambulances in the county are busy. 804 also goes out on all fire calls as a rehab truck to help check out the firefighters during fire and other prolonged calls.

Rescue Pumper 904

This truck was purchased by the city in November of 2008 and refurbished by fire department members. This included repainting the top half of the truck, restriping, and decaling. We updated the cascade system for refilling airpacks on a fire scene.  We installed a PTO driven hydraulic pump which powers our extrication tools.  This allows us live hydraulics on 3 – 100 foot reels at the flip of a switch.  We also installed a 13KV diesel powered generator to run our electric power tools, including 2 preconnected reciprocating saws as well as our lighting. We added and moved shelving to accommodate more equipment.  By doing all of this in house we were able to save $1000s while having a truck that is built more to our needs.

This truck has many roles in our department.  The primary role is extrication and heavy rescue.  We service ten communities in eastern Story and western Marshall counties.  On mutual aid fire calls, 904 is the first truck out with its 8 man cab and 7 airpack seats.  It transports man power that can be ready to make entry as soon as we arrive.  904 is also used in a support capacity on most of our calls by filling air packs on scene, providing lighting, tools,  and it is a 1250 gpm pumper.  This is one of our most used trucks in the fleet.

Attack Truck 604

Truck Make:  2016 Chevy 3500  4×4 

Body Make :  R & M Fire Apparatus 

This truck is equipped with a 300 gallon water tank, a 350 gpm pump and a 10 gallon foam tank with a FoamPro system. We have a midship operating station and 2 outside riding positions with pre plumbed 1 inch lines to battle grass and field fires off road. This truck has a 2-1/2 intake that can be used to draft from many different water sources like a pond, lake or even a porta tank. This truck was totally  built from  the chassis up by R & M Fire Apparatus of Colo.  It has a custom tube frame bed, custom light bars, and a custom water tank.  This truck was built with firefighter safety in mind.  The firefighters are protected with a cage and lower to the ground outside riding positions while fighting the fire in off road situations. Finally, this truck is equipped with a 1-1/2  attack line for larger fires and a preconnected hose reel with 100 feet of 1 inch booster line.  We can run foam to any of the outlets on this truck.  A great addition to our fleet.

Attack Truck 704

Attack 704

Make: 1974 Chevy 

This truck was bought new in 1976.  It was refurbished in house in 1994.  It was outfitted with a new SS custom water tank, 150 foot booster reel, and a custom built air injection foam system.  This truck has put out many fires in its time on our department. This truck is now our second out attack truck for field and grass fires.

The primary role of this truck is to make a quick attack on all non-structure fires.  It is still a very valuable tool for our department.