Tender/ Tanker 404 
Chassis: 1995 IH 4900

Engine: 466 IH

Trans: 6 Speed

Tank: 2000 gallon

Pump: 400 GPM

Porta tank: 2100 gallon

LDH: 900’

Quick Dump: 3 Newton

Preconnect: 2x 1-3/4 25’


This truck is a 1995 4900 IH. This truck was bought as a used Chassis when the city bought it in 2001. It was fitted with a custom body built by Bob Jamison with the Help of Mark Farren. This was the first truck built by the two men that would become R&M Apparatus which was founded after the completion of this truck. The tank is a SS custom built tank surrounded buy a steel body the doors on the body are built of aluminum this truck has 2 full length doors that house a 2100 gal porta-tank on one side and 900’ of LDH on the other. One of the best fetchers of this truck is the 3 quick dumps one rear and one on either side giving you the ability to dump in about any situation. This truck cost the City $45000.00 for a truck that would have cost $120,000.00. This truck was put into service in April 2001.


The Primary use of this truck is a tender/tanker it is also used for small fires with its 400 gpm pump which can be run while on the move. This is the truck that will lay in a LDH on any city fire to supply water to the pumper.