Tanker/Tender 504 

Chassis: 2002 International 4900 

Body: 1989 Toyne

Tank: 1500 gallon

Pump: 300 gpm

Ladders: 35’ & 14’

Quick dumps: 1 10 Newton with slip on side dump tube

504 is a newly refurbished truck. it is a 2002 IH 4900 with an 89 Toyne tanker body. This truck was refurbished by members of Colo Fire and Rescue. we used the taker body from our previous truck as it is built from stainless Steele and is in excellent condition. To recondition it we buffed out the paint added new LED lighting and restriped and decaled the body. We purchased a 2002 IH chassis and repainted it to match the rest of the fleet we also added new LED lighting to it as well. The refurbishing of this truck made it much safer and easier to operate with the addition of LED lighting Air Brakes and automatic transition and a back up camera. As mentioned before the work on this truck was done solely by volunteers and much of the new equipment was made possible from grants form many local business.

This truck's primary role is a tanker/tender on rural fires. It is also used to protect exposures on city fires with its 350 gpm pump which will pump while on the move.