Pumper 104

Truck Number – 104
Truck Type – Pumper
Year Built – 2021
Truck Make – Freightliner
Truck Model – 4 Door Cab
Body Make – Toyne
Seated Positions – 4 / 3 SCBA
Pump – 1250 GPM
Tank – 1300 Gallon
Truck Use and History:
This truck was designed by a truck committee, made up of members of Colo Fire and Rescue. The bid was awarded to Toyne in Breda, Iowa. This 4-man cab chassis is equipped with 3 SCBA seats which gives us the ability to have 3 firefighters packing up for a structure fire while enroute. It was equipped with a custom built mid-ship pump body that included an elevated working platform to operate the pump. This truck also had another feature added that gives it the ability to draft from port-a-tanks from the back of the truck, as well as either side of the truck. This feature increases the options and abilities when setting up for a rural fire. It also has an electric/hydraulic lift for storing our 2000 gallon port-a-tank that makes it safer and much easier for our crew to deploy.