Rescue Pumper 904

The city purchased this truck in November 2008 and refurbished by fire department members. The updates included repainting the top half of the firetruck, restriping, and the addition of the new decals. The group of fire department members updated the cascade system for refilling air packs on a fire scene.  The rig also received a PTO driven hydraulic pump which powers our extrication tools, which allows us hydraulics on 3 – 100-foot reels at the flip of a switch.  We also installed a 13KV diesel powered generator to run our electric power tools, including two preconnected reciprocating saws as well as our lighting. We added and moved shelving to accommodate more equipment.  By doing all of this in house, we were able to save $1000s while having a truck that is built more to our needs.

The primary role is extrication and heavy rescue.  We service ten communities in eastern Story and western Marshall counties.  On mutual aid fire calls, 904 is the first truck out with its eight-man cab and seven air pack seats.  It transports a team that is ready to make entry as soon as we arrive.  904 is also used in a support capacity on most of our calls by filling air packs on-scene, providing lighting, tools,  is a 1250 gallon per minute pumper, and is one of our most used trucks in the fleet.