Rescue Pumper 904

Truck Number – 904
Truck Type – Rescue/ Pumper
Year Built – 1994
Truck Make – Pierce
Truck Model – Custom
Body Make – Pierce Lance
Seated Positions – 8 / 7 with SCBA
Pump – 1250 GPM
Tank – 750 gallons
Truck Use and History :
This truck is a dual purpose truck that was purchased in 2008 to replace our walk in rescue body. It was refurbished and repainted by members of the Colo fire department. 904 is equipped to be used as a heavy rescue engine. It is a PTO driven hydraulic system that powers the rescue tools. It is also equipped with a 15 KW generator that runs our lighting and power tools that are used in vehicle extrications. This truck is also used as a reserve pumper. It seats 8 personnel allowing 7 of them to be equipped with SCBAs. This allows firefighters to pack up while enroute to a structure fire. 904 has a 750 gallon water tank and a 1250 GPM pump for fire fighting. This truck carries a lot of equipment that is used in different rescue situations and is invaluable to our department, our community and several other surrounding communities.